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Enrolling in Denovati SMART Courses will help you:

  • Maximize the benefits of leveraging social and digital technologies, while minimizing the risks
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital engagement
  • Enhance your success in achieving goals and objectives
  • Facilitate the digital transformation of your work group or organization
  • Save time and money over the long term

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 Denovati SMART Courses

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Welcome to the new home of Denovati SMART Courses

In 2013, The Denovati Group solicited input on the Digital Era challenges individuals and organizations face and asked folks how we could help address them through our products and services. This SMART Blog post shares the results of those efforts and describes how we are responding to the feedback we got.

In a nutshell, the survey responses indicated a strong interest in both webinars and online courses, particularly those focused on tactical guidance and skill development. Therefore, one of our priorities for 2014 is to develop and deliver these kinds of programs. Specifically, we will start providing Digital Literacy Training courses for individuals and groups through Denovati SMART Courses, our own online teaching and learning platform.

This platform offers the benefits of text-based books, video tutorials, self-paced learning, and group-based instructor-led coaching in a single package.

We are currently developing a series of courses to help professionals maximize their success in the Digital Era. These courses will be targeted to people at all career stages, in organizations of all types and sizes, in all industries. They will enhance people’s knowledge of Digital Era realities and increase their skills at leveraging social platforms and other digital tools to communicate more efficiently and effectively to achieve their goals and objectives.

In addition to offering a unique perspective and guidance unavailable elsewhere, these courses will provide lifelong learning, as they will be continuously updated to reflect new trends, issues, opportunities and challenges, best practices, and related resources.

For information on courses under development or in the planning stages, please click here. You can also help guide our course development efforts by responding to a few short surveys.

You may also want to check out the Digital Era Education, Training and Development services from Denovati Solutions.

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SMAC* Your Career into Gear!

The first course we’re working on is SMAC* Your Career into Gear! (Setting a Course for Digital Era Success). The beta version of this course will go live on April 2nd and will run for approximately 4 weeks. Beta course enrollments are capped at 30. We have hit our target of interested beta testers; however, we may be able to add more. If you’d like to participate in the beta, please click on the link on the course page to take the course.

By participating in the beta, you agree that in exchange for taking the course for free, you will actively engage with both the instructor and others and will provide high-quality feedback to improve the course.

We expect this course to go live as a paid course around June 1st. If you are interested in enrolling in the course and would like to be kept informed about the launch date, please contact us.