SMART Courses

As part of our SMART Learning services, The Denovati Group provides Digital Literacy Training programs for individuals and groups.

We offer a number of standard courses and can also create customized programs to meet the specific needs of a group or organization.

These programs can be delivered in person, online through our proprietary SMART Courses learning platform, or via an organization’s own Learning Management System (LMS). We can also deliver hybrid programs blending in-person and online learning.

Our SMART Courses platform offers the benefits of text-based books, video tutorials, self-paced learning, and group-based instructor-led coaching in a single package.

Sessions focus on both external and internal communication and engagement, and can range from 90 minute instructions on specific tools or topics to multiple-day training courses. Training agendas are defined jointly with clients based on the particular technological challenges their employees are having. We can also develop and deliver train-the-trainer programs.

In addition to Digital Literacy training, The Denovati Group also provides Digital Coaching for individuals and small groups and Curriculum Design and Review services. Visit the Denovati SMART Learning services page to learn more.

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