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If you would like to chat about how I can help you build amazing, transformative learning products for your education business, click here. 

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I’m a teacher at heart and would love to speak or teach for your business or organization! Please contact me with the contact form to schedule a time to chat. 

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Do you feel your course or workshop needs a review or a look to see if its living up to its promise? Schedule a product audit with me make sure your learning product is engaging, profitable and delivers! Click here to learn more.  


Can you help me with the techy stuff?

Sure! You have two choices on how I can help you with getting the technical parts done for your learning product.  

1. You can work with me in a done-for you. one-on-one setting and get all of the technical parts of your learning product completed
2. You can choose a done with you option and learn with me as I walk you through the process in my workshops or SMART Learning Lab course and community. 

With either option, you will have all the techonolgy associated with your learning product completed and done with ease so that you can focus on what you do best — teaching your expertise! 

Can you help me figure out my course idea?

Yes,  there are several offerings I have that will help you figure out what you can teach in a course format if your looking for that type of learning format or another format as well. We can discuss together based on what you’re teaching the best fit to share your expertise to your audience. 

Do you help with launching my course?

I can help or teach you to put systems in place to launch your learning product to your audience. These systems are important to developing a steady, consistent relationship between you, your expertise and your audience so that they will be waiting for your learning products and offers. 

Would you just help me build my courses?

I help entrepreneurs who are passionate about teaching or educating develop vehicles or tools to help get their expertise out to the massess — so yes. But if you’re looking to merely create a bunch of courses to sell and that’s your main objective, then no. 

Teaching is my passion and I love designing or creating courses, but that’s not what I’m here to help you do. My job is to help you create a epic learning experiences for your audience so they experience a transformation from your teaching — not churn out course after course after course. So if you want to see sucess from your business because you created your learning products the SMART way, then I’m the teacher for you laughing



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