Practical Tips To Boost Engagement In Your Online Course

Practical Tips To Boost Engagement in Your Online Courses

 The world of online learning is rapidly evolving, offering countless opportunities for both learners and educators. However, as a course creator or entrepreneur, you may have found the frustrating reality of high dropout rates.

In this thought-provoking YouTube video , I share offers valuable insights into why students often abandon courses and provide practical solutions to prevent this from happening.

Simplify Your Course Structure: The Complexity Conundrum

One of the main culprits behind course dropouts is complexity overload. As an enthusiastic educator eager to impart knowledge, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overloading your students with excessive information and complex course structures.

It’s important to keep content within your Learning Management System (LMS) easy to navigate and minimizing external links or passwords which can overwhelm students.

As someone who has been in the e-learning industry for years now, I recall creating my first online course with extensive resources scattered across different platforms – from Google Drive to Dropbox links.

The result?

A sea of confused students struggling to keep up with where each resource was located.

This experience taught me one crucial lesson: simplicity is key! By streamlining your course materials and ensuring they are easily accessible within one platform (your LMS), you reduce friction for learners making it easier for them to stay on track.


Focus on Transformation: The Journey from A to B

Another important point to note about focusing on student transformation – guiding them step-by-step towards their learning goals instead of bombarding them with every piece of information possible.

Remember that effective learning isn’t about covering everything under the sun; it’s about facilitating real change in your student’s knowledge or skills from Point A (where they start) to Point B (their desired outcome).

This approach will help maintain engagement throughout the duration of your course as learners can clearly see their progress along this journey.


Limit Bonuses: Less Is More

Lastly, while bonuses may seem like an attractive add-on to your course, offering too many can actually lead to disengagement.

Students can become overwhelmed or distracted by a barrage of additional resources.Limit your bonuses to a few relevant and practical resources that truly enhance student learning.

I once offered numerous bonus materials in one of my courses which led to more confusion than clarification for my students. Since then, I’ve learned that less is indeed more when it comes to bonus content.

Let these tips serve you as valuable lessons for all course creators and entrepreneurs out there. By simplifying your course structure, focusing on student transformation and carefully curating your bonus materials, you can create engaging online courses while significantly reducing dropout rates.

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Thanks for watching and reading! Don’t forget to teach your genius to the world!

Lauren Varlack - The Learning Experience Architect | SMART Courses
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