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The SMART Learning Lab

Your business is more than just a course. You’re here because you’re ready to offer your community an extraordinary learning experience that only you can provide. You want your courses to be profitable, but more importantly, you want them to fulfill the vision behind your business. If you’re prepared to revolutionize your course creation process and captivate your audience like never before, then The SMART Learning Lab is the perfect place for you.

Ready to embark on your journey to course creation mastery? Join the SMART Learning Lab today and unleash your potential to create courses that inspire, educate, and transform lives!  Sign up below to join the waiting list! 

The SMART Learning Lab | SMART Courses

What You’ll Get

Weekly Mentorship Calls

Connect with like-minded, heart-centered  entrepreneurs in our dynamic group sessions, where expert mentors will guide you through every step of the course design journey.

Weekly Group Feedback

Receive invaluable feedback and insights from our supportive community on all aspects of your course development, from technology integration to instructional strategies.

Abundant Resources to Kickstart Your Course

Gain access to a treasure trove of resources, templates, and guides designed to kickstart your course creation journey and set you on the path to success from day one.

Personalized 1:1 Feedback Sessions

Book private feedback sessions with me, your Learning Experience Architect, to ensure that your course is configured properly and optimized for maximum impact.

And much more to make sure your course is successful and transformative!
Lauren Varlack | Learning Experience Architect

Work with Me

SMART Course Audits

Get a thorough review of your current courses or training programs, along with expert feedback and actionable tips to boost engagement and effectiveness.

SMART Teaching Coaching

Receive personalized 1:1  coaching sessions tailored to your needs where you’ll gain invaluable insights into crafting engaging curriculum, mastering instructional strategies, and honing your teaching skills.

Transformative Learning Experiences Coaching
Elevate your courses with personalized consultations to select the best Learning Management System (LMS). Boost engagement and motivation through gamification solutions, infusing interactive challenges, badges, and leaderboards. Unforgettable learning journeys await your students at Smart Courses.

Grow With Me

The SMART Lab Kit | Smart Courses

SMART Learning Kits

Our do-it-yourself lab kits contain all the materials and tools you need to physically assemble your own course, workshop, challenge, program, or other learning experience product. These kits can be your choice of digital tools or tactile tools for brainstorming ideas, planning your curricula or course content to building out your learning management system. SMART Lab Kits are coming soon!  

SMART Workshops | SMART Courses

SMART Workshops, Challenges & Games

Our learning is an experience like no other. Join us for epic workshops, immersive challenges, and games that will help you in your learning experience creation. Missed one of our learning experiences? No problem! You’ll be able to get them here as self-paced experiences that will help you build all of your learning product needs.  Our SMART Laboratory of Learning Product is coming soon! 


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Join me, Lauren ,on a journey where teaching transforms, business thrives, and life unfolds with purpose. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for a fusion of classroom insights, entrepreneurial learning experience strategies, and the secrets to a fulfilling life. 

Learning Done SMART!