SMART Courses: Your’s Course’s Secret Weapon!

Hey, fellow entrepreneurs and geniuses of the world!

 You might remember me from Brand Ya Flava, where I’ve been working tirelessly to help Black women entrepreneurs express their unique expertise and ‘Flava’ in their brands. But now, I’m back with a new brand – SMART Courses – that’s going to take e-learning and education to the next level.

Allow me to reintroduce myself as The Learning Experience Architect behind SMART Courses. And it is an exciting step forward!  So why the change? And what can you expect from this new venture? Well put on your lab gloves, we about to blow it up! 😁

Embracing Change For Growth

Well first things first, don’t worry – Brand Ya Flava ain’t going anywhere! It will always be a vibrant space for Black women entrepreneurs. However, recognizing that growth often requires change is crucial for any entrepreneur. In my case, I saw an opportunity to broaden my reach and better serve knowledge-based entrepreneurs through SMART Courses.

Quality Over Quantity

 The e-learning market and business education is flooded with businesses pushing purely AI-generated courses or focusing solely on launches rather than delivering real value – but not at SMART Courses! I believe in creating engaging learning experiences rather than churning out content for the sake of it.

 This approach resonates with one of my personal stories: early in my career as a teacher, I realized that engaging students required more than just presenting information; it required designing engaging, interactive experiences that inspire curiosity and drive self-motivation.

 That’s what I aim to do at SMART courses – help you design learning journeys that truly resonate with your audience and deliver on their promises.

Making Your Learning Products Stand Out

 Lastly, at SMART Courses we’re all about helping you create interactive  learning products using proven educational strategies so they won’t just sit collecting dust in someone’s inbox—they’ll be enlightening sources of education that keep your audience coming back for more because they actually get what they paid for! 👀

Ready to skyrocket your learning products to epic levels of transformation for your audience? Are you truly using your genius for the potential it could be? Take my quiz at to find out!

We’re cooking up amazing things here in the SMART LAB! Make sure you come back to find out how you can level up and skyrocket your learning products to mind-boggling proportions!

See Ya Soon!

Lauren Varlack - The Learning Experience Architect | SMART Courses
SMART Courses- Your Courses Secret Weapon

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