Stop Selling Courses! Transform with Learning Experiences!

Stop Selling Courses! Transfrom with Learning Experiences!

Hey welcome back! Let’s talk about something that caught my eye recently. So, I saw this ad on Facebook talking about course-based businesses. It caught my eye and my interest, but I noticed it missed an important element: the focus on the actual learning experience.

By the way, if you don’t know me, I’m Lauren, the Learning Experience Architect and founder of Smart Courses and Brand Ya Flava, helping experts, educators and entrepreneurs build better learning experiences through engaging and profitable teaching and learning strategies. 

What’s a Course-Based Business, Anyway?

The ad was all about building a business around lots of courses. Now, as a teacher who’s in the trenches every day, I can spot when my students are really learning and when they’re just going through the motions. This insight is vital for anyone creating a education-based business rather than a so-called “course-based business”. The goal shouldn’t be to just churn out courses and make a business out of it by sticking a price tag on these courses.  Your main goal is to make sure your students are genuinely learning and transforming through the courses you’ve created and offer.

The Secret Sauce to Successful Learning

When you offer an online course, how do you know if your students have achieved the transformation they’re looking for? This is the million-dollar question. Currently, it seems many online courses don’t have ways to track and measure student progress and transformation. And that’s just sad because if you don’t know if the courses are effective, what’s the point of creating it in the first place? There are many ways to track student success in your learning experience, but they have to planned and designed into the course from the start. 

We’re Not Just Selling Courses Here!

If you’re in the business of sharing information, teaching, coaching, consulting or offering your skills and expertise, you are NOT selling courses. Let me repeat: YOU are NOT in the business of selling courses. Instead, you’re in the business of providing, teaching, training, sharing your knowledge, expertise, and skills to transform your students through a meaningful learning experience. I want to take a long hard look at what you’re offering in your courses, programs, memberships, etc. right now. Go ahead, take a look!  


If you’re business model is heavy with courses or programs with little room for implementation or evidence of implementation— you’re in Al Gore’s inter-web streets promising transformation but delivering chaos! 


So, now what should you do? 


Let’s Build Education-Based Businesses Together; not a “Course Creation Business”

To really make a difference, we need to move away from the so-called “course-based business” model. Let’s focus on building education-based or learning-based businesses. These businesses prioritize the learner’s transformation through well-designed experiences. This way, students get real, tangible benefits from their educational journey; and not overwhelmed by information chaos or overload. 

Let’s Recap and Apply It! 

So, let’s rethink how we approach educational businesses. The focus should always be on the learner’s experience and transformation, not just the number of courses you can pump out nor how much money you can make if you “price your worth”👀. 

If you need help figuring this out, I got you. If have courses, programs, workshops or any learning experience in your business already, take my learning experience quiz. Find out if your learning experience is set up for success for your students! Will it pass or will it fail?  Won’t hurt to find out. Take the quiz here! 

Thanks for reading and watching and I’ll see you on flip side! 😉


Lauren Varlack - The Learning Experience Architect | SMART Courses
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