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Lauren Varlack | Learning Experience Consultant


Hey, I’m Lauren, the Learning Experience Architect and the HNIC ( Head Nerd in Charge)  behind SMART Courses. I roll with a crew of genius course creators, and if you haven’t heard of us yet, you’re missing out.

We’re not about tossing course ideas at the wall and leaving them to gather mental cobwebs without releasing them to the world. Nah, we’re in the business of crafting learning experiences that hit different.

Forget those so-called gurus with their six-figure launches and five-figure refunds. We’re not here to teach you to overwhelm your students with fifty-eleven modules, leaving their brains in a state of chaos and confusion. And as for lost login details, we’re not letting them become the ghosts of Gmail past.

Why? Because we’re all about putting learning first.

No more info dumps that your audience will only use 10% of — we craft our learning experiences to be practical, impactful, profitable and transformative! We’re not like the old-school education system —dusty and overwhelming, and we’re definitely not like those flashy gurus who vanish once the launch confetti settles.

We help you create courses that don’t just start strong, but finish stronger.


At Smart Courses, our primary purpose for you is providing: 

Education-Based, Impactful Learning

At Smart Courses, we specialize in developing practical and impactful learning materials for your business that thrives on engaged learning. Our focus is on creating courses that provide your students with knowledge they can effectively apply in their lives or professions.

Student-Centered; Profit Gaining

We prioritize your learner’s experience throughout the course creation and learning product process. This involves avoiding overwhelming, mundane content, ensuring clarity in instructions, and addressing common issues like lost login details. The aim is to create a positive and inclusive learning environment that fosters a sense of accomplishment for your students

Long-Term Success 

Distinguishing SMART Courses from flashy launches, the focus is on creating courses and learning products that not only start strong but finish even stronger. We are committed to supporting course creators, experts and educators in achieving lasting success, ensuring that the learning experiences crafted lead to tangible and sustained results for both creators and students,

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